space center houston

Silvertone and Space

My good friend Guy Rhodes (yep, the one with mad lighting skills) was in town this last weekend, and he wanted to visit Space Center Houston. Not one to pass up the chance to be a nerd, I obliged.

I'd just updated my iPhone, which I mostly regret, but the one thing I found that isn't terrible is the photo filter called Silvertone. I discovered it while standing in the shadow of the 747 customized to shuttle shuttles across the country. Now parked at Independence Plaza with a shuttle replica perpetually piggybacking, the plane is my favorite part of the museum, with Saturn V and its three-acre garage running a very close second. 

I had been to the space center recently, so while Guy made SLR magic with his camera, I tried to make something interesting with my phone. I wound up shooting mostly vertical frames, which admittedly, was borne of my planning to only post to my Instagram story. Less-than-noble inspiration aside, this made me think about composition a bit differently than my landscape-mode mind typically does.